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Millions of people have gotten relief with O'Keeffe's. Hear the results in their own words.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I bought your O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Night Treatment and I did see results after the first night! I have always had dry cracked heels - embarrassingly so but not anymore! Amazing! Thank you for your line of products – I’m a big fan now and tell anyone who asks!
- Heidi M
I saw an O'Keeffe's Working Hands ad on TV showing a hard-working guy using it on his fingers, so I bought one of your round tubs and I was amazed at how well it worked, and have been a very happy ongoing customer ever since. Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this absolutely WONDERFUL stuff!!! I will be a lifelong customer, and will continue to tell my family and friends about your fantastic Working Hands stuff!
- Cindy F
I own a cleaning service and I keep this product on hand for myself and my employees. Our hands are continuously in water and cleaning products which cause our hands to dry out. Working Hands lotion once again to the rescue. I love this product.
- Sheri B
I tried every other lotion and nothing worked. So I tried it Healthy Feet. From DAY ONE, it soothed my cracked heels. Nothing works as good, and as FAST as this lotion. I will forever be grateful.
- M.
I work at a barn with 50+ horses I feed daily. I clean a lot of stalls and stack hay. My hands started to crack and get dry. I use it about every other day and my hands are soft! This stuff works I love it!!
- Michele C
My hands were terrible. They were cracking and bleeding all of the time. I bought a jar of Working Hands two days ago, and I'm already finding relief. My hands feel so much better! Thanks O'Keeffe's!
- Zack
My skin tends to be dry, but even worse in the winter. I hated the looks and feel of my cracked heels. I applied O'Keeffe's on my heels and put socks on while sleeping. I would do the same thing the following day after showering. I was very impressed with the softness and the looks of my feet after just a few days.
- Sarah P.
Prior to using this, I was dealing with 2 years worth of my lips splitting when I smiled, the corners of my mouth splitting when I yawned, lots of peeling and just in general pain in my lips. I tried SO many lip balms, treatments, masks... I stumbled upon this originally in Walgreens and I've had ZERO issues with my lips splitting or the corners cracking. This company produces some awesome products!
- Sammy
I am a nurse and received a jar of your Working Hands for Christmas. I absolutely love it, several of my co-workers now use and love your product too. It has worked wonders on my severely dry skin. Constantly washing my hands and using an alcohol based sanitizer had ruined them. Now I keep a jar at work and at home. This is an amazing product!!!
- Kris
I have been a dry, cracked hands sufferer for decades now and just last year discovered this great product for relief and healing. I have even bought jars of it for both my father and father-in-law who also suffer with painful cracks on the finger tips especially in the cold Chicago winters. Thanks!
- C.
I am a full time working mom and between my job and home life my hands go through a lot. O'Keeffe's is amazing, my hands have never felt so good and that's after just two weeks. I will be using this cream from now on and recommending it to everyone.
- Kerrie L.
As a tanker mechanic I'm exposed to everything that can completely dry skin out. This product has been a life changer. My hands are no longer dry. Best thing I ever did trying it. I keep two in my tool box. Thank you O'Keeffe's.
- Ben G.